So, How Do the Search Engines Find Your Website?

For your blog to be recognized by a search engine, it must be written using keywords and key phrases that get the attention of Google and other search engines.  This is what makes it possible for other people to find your content when they search.  At some point in your journey, you will be looking to make money with your website by either selling your own products, promoting affiliate memberships, or perhaps by becoming an Amazon affiliate. One way to do this is to run ads to lead people to your website.  There is another way that is completely free.

What Does Organic Mean When We’re Talking Websites?

Another way to bring people to your website is in an “organic” way by using keywords and key phrases in your content.  What this means is that your content will be found based both on how relevant and high-quality the information is and through the use of keywords and key phrases.  This makes it important to both write high-quality content for your website and to include relevant keywords and phrases so your content can be found.  Targeted and relevant keywords and key phrases must be scattered throughout your content for the search engines to more easily find your content and to rank and index your website.

Where Do They Keep Those Key Words and Phrases?

One question is how to find these keyword and key phrases.  One way is to do a search yourself in the search box of any of the search engines.  You will see a number of phrases come up under your search for you to choose from.  Another way is to use a program to help you to find relevant keywords and phrases and how they are ranked.

How Do I Get Started with My Own Blog?

Get started by  joining the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Included within your free Wealthy Affiliate membership are two free websites, great online support, and free training.  There is also an awesome program called Jaaxy within the Wealthy Affiliate website, which will help you to find your special interest, or niche.  It also helps you to find keywords to help you to build a great website that gets noticed. This is one of many powerful tools on the Wealthy Affiliate site.

I invite you to take a look at all of the great tools and supports that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  I would love to work with you.

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Sasha Grey, Wealthy Affiliate Community Member

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